The Unexpected

I’ve always been surprised by time. It’s passage and how it changes some things and not others. As I sit in the American icon of Starbucks and type, here’s what I notice has changed in the past few years. And believe me, I have a large enough sample size to speak definitively…at least about Starbucks.

While the drinks are essentially the same, I am surrounded by several devices charging in the plethora of outlets (power points for my friends across the sea). Most of which are logged on to the free and abundant wifi. A miracle for the traveling soul these days. Most of the old stomping grounds are the same. Some roads have been improved, thankfully. Wish they’d had that roundabout near my house when I lived there. Would’ve been much easier and less scary.

But here’s the bigger thing about time. It’s how time changes relationships. It’s curious to me the relationships that survive the test of time and those that fade when their season is done. Please note here that I think this a normal part of life but I’m always surprised who fits into which category when hindsight comes in.

There are those friends of convenience. Brought together by geography and common circumstances that when you leave them, you expect they will fade just as well. I can say that I have met with a few of these in the last several days. I’m grateful they didn’t fade.

There are those that you spent all your free time with and shared the deepest of secrets only to hold a real and true place in your heart for the times that you once shared.

There are so many others. I’ve talked to people living away from their “home turf” about this as well. It’s a mystery who will make the effort to stay in touch, be there waiting for your return, or a distant but real memory. Are we all just that bad at seeing a true friend from the outset?

I don’t have the answer but I’m grateful for all the current, future, and former people in my life. No matter how long your season lasts I enjoy talking to each of you.

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