The Book’s Cover

cross with nail

You’ve heard it as much as I have. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover. And I think for the most part we believe it, at least in our general everyday secular lives. Don’t mistake belief for practice, but we do believe it.

I was a bit surprised to hear on two separate occasions today statements about being able to identify those without Christ or just those that are hurting by their outward appearance or the look on someone’s face. Isn’t this the exact opposite of the Biblical truth? Isn’t it that no one but God knows our hearts and the deepest hurts we keep hidden there?

I don’t believe these statements were made with any bad intentions or ill will. Just speaking out of practice instead of the belief.

Certainly sometimes the broken are easily identified. Sometimes the anger speaks of tragic hurts by those trusted. Sometimes the bitterness speaks of the repeated missed expectations from those that are supposed to love us. Sometimes the cries for attention speak of the lack of confidence in our identity as children of God.

But often I think the broken are disguised just as much, no a whole lot more, than they are obvious.

Sometimes the ones we all envy are the ones who only show their despair when completely alone. Sometimes the ones we look to for leadership are crippled by self doubt behind closed doors. Sometime the ones with the most confidence are the ones who are covering up the insecurities set deep a long time ago.

Broken people are everywhere. Each of us is one. We manifest our brokenness in different ways and at different times but have no doubt, no matter who you are or where you are, in some way you are broken too. It’s the reason for today. So if you are a little bit broken or a lot broken we get the same super glue. It’s the grace that we received when Christ sacrificed himself for you. For you alone and for you everyone.

So, on this Easter Sunday, try to see the world as Jesus might have seen it today. Can you see the broken as Jesus saw them? Can you see the annoying guy next door as Jesus saw him? Can you see the persecutor of Christians as Jesus saw them? As He saw each one of them as he hung on His cross dying for them?

That’ll make you stop and think. It certainly does me. And don’t think that I’ve mastered this practice either.

“In that WHILE WE WERE YET SINNERS Christ died for us.”

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