I think there’s a time when you come to accept that what you do everyday is deal with broken people. For me it may have even happened before I stopped working in the hospital. It seems that everyone has some kind of issue to deal with. True, some hide theirs better than others. And then you move across the ocean to spend your days working with things and people that are broken or the result of broken systems. That’s why you come. Not necessarily to “fix” them but to be a part of them being fixed.

And somewhere along the way it just becomes too common seeing all the brokenness everyday and you forget just how much this isn’t the way God intended for us to be and to interact with each other. I see it in the addicts. I know that drugs wasn’t just a recreational choice. For so many of them, it was an escape from the abuse or whatever was breaking them. It was their coping mechanism. Please hear me, I’m not saying this was a good choice.

But so often we see the broken person and forget that something had to break them. To break their spirit and their hope. When I hear a story it brings it all back. I hear people excusing the person who abused them. I hear people blaming themselves for the abuse. I hear so much that breaks my heart and doesn’t add up in my brain because someone instilled Hope in me before people had a chance to break me. I’m thankful for my┬árelatively easy path compared to so many. I fear what happens to those who don’t seek help. What happens to the next in line? Broken people break people. And it seems so big. To break this cycle for each and every one.

I guess when it comes down to it I see two things. One, a legacy. Is this family’s story going to go uphill or down? and Two, seeing beyond the present brokenness to the person they once were and the potential they have to be again.

And, in the end, while the hearts and spirits may be burdened and without hope these are people just like you and me. Not truly broken, just temporarily cracked till they allow God to glue them back together. Getting to see that happen makes your heart soar.

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