So part of my current job takes me to the airport quite often. I’ve almost got the timing down so I don’t have to pay a small fortune for parking. Even so, there are some excellent opportunities to people watch. The international gate is alway fun. My favorite game is spot the American. It’s very easy….twice as much luggage and sweat pants and hair up in a bun. The Europeans definitely travel in more style, although it doesn’t seem so comfortable to me.

Then there’s the ‘I’ve never travelled before group’. Lost and wide-eyed with their head on swivel. “Where do I go? Where do I go? Where do I go?” And the inevitable ‘I’ve never driven one of these of these luggage trolleys before guys’. You can spot them when they forget and let go of the handle. For those of you who don’t know, they have a very strong and immediate brake. Use your imagination.

Then there all the kiddos there to meet Mom or Dad. That is really fun to watch. The excitement of a four year in their p.j.’s at the airport WAY past their bedtime is priceless.

Last night I got to see something that I think we all need to hear given the “what is the world coming to” news of the past few weeks. I was watching a dad and his three elementary-aged kids wander around the terminal for quite a while. Nothing majorly out of the ordinary. Then Mom came through the gate. She made it only about 15 feet before she was nearly tackled by the crew. And she had with her precious cargo. It was obvious mom had gone to get the new member of the family. A six month old or so little baby that nestled in one of those wrap thingys that look so complicated to get on. Dad stole the baby first. And then each of the three kids literally climbed him to get to their new sibling. Excitement overload. After a few short minutes, off they went, the oldest now riding on said luggage trolley. One happy family.

And there I sat, tears in my eyes. Proof that the world isn’t really what we see on the news everyday.

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  1. Kate says:

    I love watching people be reunited just outside of baggage claim! However, last week we said goodbye to Jordan’s parents just before security and those were not so fun interactions to watch. As my sister-in-law once said, “Airport hellos are some of the sweetest moments, but airport goodbyes are some of the hardest.” 🙂 Hope you are well, Julie!

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