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Has It Really Just Been A Year?

I spent 34 years living in the US and I’ve only been gone just short of a year, but reverse culture shock is real. True I was intentional about making my new home my “home” but still how did things change so much while I was gone?? Oh wait, I don’t think anything did. My […]

The Real Revolutionary

Over the last week and half, nothing but tributes to the life and struggle of Nelson Mandela have been on the airwaves. Streaming words of gratitude at his example and leadership can not be missed. One can not quantify the change that took place in this country because of him. The horrors and injustice of […]

The End of An Era

The End of An Era

I know I’ve been bad about my blog lately. Honestly, it’s been quite hectic with all the end of the year stuff going on here at Living Hope and getting ready to fly back to the States. One week from right now, I will be about to board the first flight for my 29 hour […]