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Uneventful Events

I know, I know, I’m sorry. I didn’t blog last week. I guess it just comes down to having a week of nothing much really going on so what did I blog about? What I realized is that having a week of nothing happening might just actually¬†be newsworthy of late. So, hey, nothing happened!! No […]

Aslan’s on the Move

Ok, so this post really isn’t about Aslan, but I love C.S. Lewis and really love the Chronicles of Narnia. Recently a few guys from Faith Promise travelled the world capturing footage of how God is moving in just a few of the area’s that Faith Promise touches. They even came to visit me here […]

Perspective or Guilt?…and a note of thanks

Perspective or Guilt?…and a note of thanks

Sorry for the downer post last week, but just keeping you all well informed about this journey. It’s been a week of processing. Here’s my conclusions. 1. I have friends that care. A lot of you have messaged or Facebooked or otherwise checked in to say that you have been praying or other little notes […]