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Ch ch ch changes

Ok guys, I know I have fallen down a little bit on the blogging the past few weeks. I have some news but I don’t want to jump the gun. Was thinking I would have confirmation any day so I was waiting… and like everything else along this journey, it hasn’t happened in my timing. […]

I think God’s got it!

I think God’s got it!

Well it’s been a long journey for fundraising this past year. You guys have heard me talking about it. This month’s numbers came in today and I need less than 15 people to sign on for $25 per month to be fully supported! That is┬áso fantastic! God has come through with everything else so far […]


So this weekend was my “commissioning” at church. For those who don’t know, it’s where you get really nervous having to go up in front of the WHOLE church and they introduce you and pray for you and sort of send you on your way. Pretty cool actually. Except that each time (we did this […]